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As Venture Capitalists, we acknowledge our pivotal role in fostering innovation, recognising that our strength lies in embracing diverse perspectives and unconventional visions of the future. However, historically, we’ve overlooked this crucial element within our own ranks, resulting in an imbalance in opportunity scales and hindering economic growth.

For our 2023 UK Equity Record, we conducted an extensive analysis of demographics, focussing deeply on gender representation, ethnicity data, and notably, socioeconomic diversity. Beyond merely scrutinising the composition of the UK VC ecosystem, we took a groundbreaking step by assessing their perceptions of progress in fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within their funds.

These findings provide a comprehensive understanding of inclusivity within VC across intersecting lines and shed light on potential factors contributing to the industry’s struggle in achieving diversity.

Key Findings

No change in Gender demographics
of UK VCs since 2019 -
female representation is
completely flat at 30%
of VC partners are from affluent
upper socioeconomic backgrounds.
That is more than 1000%
Less than 7% of
the UK population is privately
educated vs. 71% of UK VC partners
0 %
growth in ethnic demographic
representation across Asian, Black, and
Mixed-ethnicity VCs in the UK since
2019. However women of colour in
investment roles remain scarce
0 %+
of ethnic minorities do not 'feel
their fund is contributing towards
a more inclusive technology
ecosystem' vs. 75% of men who do
0 %
Women are almost twice as likely
to be in non-investment positions such
as platform or community-building roles
when compared to men, and thus
less likely to have significant influence
over investment decisions
2 X

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