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Last year, Diversity VC set out to map the venture capital ecosystem in Latin America using secondary sources to understand the general makeup of the workforce. Using data from Crunchbase, we found that 23.8% of venture capital (VC) investors are women and 14.8% of Partners are women. This year, we wanted to dig deeper to understand the intersectionality within those identities. The result is our Latin America chapter’s inaugural report and the first of its kind in the region – “The Equity Record Latam.”

Globally, we are witnessing a shift towards greater diversity and inclusion. And within the venture capital sector, we are being forced to reckon with the fact that it is strikingly homogenous and extremely difficult to gain entry into without the right pedigree. There is a need for significant change, but we cannot do that without knowing our starting point. That is where this report comes in. With it we hope to set a baseline from which we can chart a path forward

This report is the first in a series of annual reviews investigating the state of DEI in VC in Latam, with a particular focus on capital allocation decisions on the part of both LPs and GPs. These findings are simply the starting point for conversation and action around how to facilitate greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in VC. We hope you’ll join us on that journey.

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